Day 13: Colorado Springs

Today was a rather laid back day, with a lot of driving involved.  We made our way into Colorado, me driving this time, and did some exploring in Colorado Springs.  Pike’s Peak.  Garden of the Gods.  Oh my.  They even had Santa’s North Pole there, but it’s closed on Tuesdays.  The weather wasn’t cooperating too much, so we took the opportunity to drive through the downtown area and check out the Old Colorado City Historic District.  Local construction sort of impeded that, but hey, when you stop in a random place, you have to expect random things to happen!!!!!!

Earlier today my pup decided he didn’t want to eat breakfast and he didn’t eat the two treats I put in his car seat.  When he doesn’t eat, he gets nauseous and sometimes throws up.  While I was driving on Interstate 25, he started making the sounds associated with throwing up, so I said, “He’s gonna puke!”  My partner in crime, who cannot stand the smell, sight or sound of vomit, started gagging and was pushing my dog towards ME!  While I was driving!  And exclaimed, “If he pukes, it’s not gonna be on me!!!”  Luckily I didn’t lose control of the wheel–I grabbed his water dish from the console and yelled, “Here!  Put this under him.”  My dog looked at us like we were both crazy.  And then I laughed so hard tears came down my cheeks and I couldn’t stop laughing.  Of course we pulled over shortly thereafter and cleaned up both the dog and his dish.  What a friggin day.

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