Day 14: Ogalalla, NE

This is the part of the trip where I am cautiously optimistic.  We literally drove about 150 miles and there was NOTHING.  Just farm land.  A few cows.  I thought I saw some sheep, too, but that could have been an illusion because I was so dizzy with hunger when we got here.  We didn’t roll into town until 8:45pm, only to find that all stores and restaurants were closed.  Except for Pizza Hut. No self-respecting New Yorker eats Pizza Hut.  Ever.  But desperate times call for desperate measures.  I opted for a non-sauce type of pizza, one they had with veggies and bacon.  Fresh spinach on top.  It was the safest choice.  And I went small, with a personal pan pizza.  If I don’t write tomorrow, you know what happened to me.

All kidding aside, it was the local hot spot.  There were several people there enjoying a night out.  A night out at Pizza Hut.  The cashier was lovely, as all people have been along our trail.  When the order was ready, a man handed me the two small boxes.  I asked, “Can I please have a bag?  I have other things I’ll be carrying with it, just makes life easier.”  He stared at me for a moment, then walked away.  He returned a few seconds later with a brown paper bag, and said, “I even got you a sack with handles.”  Sack=bag in Nebraska.  Got it.

Tomorrow we head to Iowa where I am scouting out a Laura Ingalls Wilder homestead. I was obsessed with that show, and the irony is that when I taught in a class with so many kids with so many different needs, it was like a one-room school house!

PS I haven’t worn makeup or dried my hair with a hairdryer in 14 days.  I also lost a few pounds, despite eating at restaurants, because all I do is drink water and walk the dog!

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