Day 15: Des Moines, IOWA

I wake up everyone morning and ask myself, what day is this and what time zone am I in????  Gets a little confusing when you are on the move so much.  Upon leaving Ogallala, NE, we stopped by their main tourist attraction:  Front Street. Apparently this was a Pony Express stop, too.  The history lover in me needed to check it out (and hopefully find a Nebraska Christmas ornament).  It was cute, but not something you’d drive 1,000 miles to see.  There was nothing else in this town.  Except a cop I saw three times in the 20 hours I was there giving out tickets.  It reminded me a lot of the town depicted in one of my favorite movies, My Cousin Vinny.  Yikes!

The drive to Iowa showed us more of Nebraska, which really had nothing much to see.  Miles and miles would fly by and there wouldn’t be so much as a silo or house or gas station.  I was careful to keep the fuel at no less than half a tank.  Once we crossed into Iowa, wow!  What a pretty state!!!!  Sprawling green scenery, a lot of farms and animals, smooth roads, and overall beautiful landscape.  Of all the states I knew we’d drive through, I had low expectations of Iowa.  How wrong I was!!!!

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