Day 17: Indiana and Ohio

Unfortunately, not much to see here. At least the way we drove through it. Stopped at a Subway for sandwiches and saw some really sweet and polite high school students. One ran ahead of me and held the door as I walked out. There is hope for our future. 😁

Interstate 80 is going through major construction and so I spent most of the long ride applying the break intermittently. I have a lot of memories along Interstate 80 once you cross into Pennsylvania, and ironically many of the songs that could jar my memory seemed to come on the radio.  The universe was conspiring to have me reflect, I am sure of that.

I am ready to come home.  I absolutely love to travel and see new places, but I am ready to come home now.  Something about all of the back to school ads, my upcoming birthday, and missing my bed have me ready to drive these last miles and not even stop for a coffee (FYI, there are NO STARBUCKS in Ohio, at least not right off the interstate.  Grrrrr.)

The pup is ready for his freedom, even though he made friends with three men sitting outside tonight, drinking beer and smoking.  When I take his harness off at night, after his last walk, he practically sighs in relief as if he’s taken off a bra after a long day.  Dogs are more awesome than words can describe.

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