Final thoughts…

What an experience this trip was. I got to see 21 states in 18 days. During the second half of the trip I released my tendency to plan everything and took each day in stride. I saw sights I’ve never seen before and I learned the degree to which my patience can be stretched (pretty far!). I read three books from cover to cover and spent less than 30 minutes a day on the Internet. I ate no-frills food and spent a lot of time walking my dog and appreciating his quirks. I spoke to strangers and made friends at rest stops. I learned how to check and refill antifreeze.

But upon returning home, I reflected for real. Too often when you live and work in NYC you become cynical and impatient. I express so many times throughout a given year how I can’t wait to leave and go on vacation.

I feel like I spent almost three weeks having an illicit affair. At first I was seduced by the unknown. The newness. The danger. But really all I wanted was to return to what is a huge part of who I am. NYC isn’t for everyone, but it’s where I’m truly myself. And traveling and vacations are always there for me to try something new.  But a girl always comes home.

There is no place like home. Enjoy this montage of our adventures.



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