Sedona Retreat 2017!!!!

My first trip to Sedona was several years ago, and it proved to be a life-changing trip.  It opened the door for me to begin my spiritual growth, and led me to abundance I am grateful to have in my life now.

I made lifelong connections with a core group of strong and empowered women, and we decided to stage our own retreat, deliberately booking the trip around the New Moon in Leo.

We spent five days eating a vegan diet, took daily meditative walks, and shopped for charged crystals and tarot.  On the evening of the new moon, we all brought our gifts to the table.  Deb orchestrated a labyrinth walk, I prepared a Reiki healing meditation, and Jenny brought her tarot cards.  Drue brought a scrying bowl and journaling materials.

In the early days of our trip, we scouted out the perfect spot.  We walked there that evening, and walked barefoot across the earth to ground ourselves.  I burned sage and cleared all of our auras.  I pre-recorded the meditation, which led us into a meditative writing piece.  We all participated, then ripped out our pages and ceremonial burned our intentions.  We took turns in the labyrinth walk, and emerged clearer, freer, and more positive as a result.

If you’ve never been to Sedona, I highly recommend it.  We are returning for New Year’s Eve 2018.

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