Sleepless in Seattle

Our travels began with crazier than ever lines for TSA and luggage drop-off at New York’s JFK. Thanks, Mercury Retrograde!  While on the never-ending line for TSA, I started chatting with one of the workers. I looked at my watch,

and although I allowed 2 hours prior to take off, I was growing nervous that we would be cutting it close. I showed him my boarding pass and asked, “Do you think I’m going to make it?” He looked at me, he looked at my pass, then said, come with me. He walked me over to another line that was wrapping around, opened up the belt for me to walk through, and said, “Have a safe trip!” I only waited another 10 minutes before being scanned and cleared to walk to my gate.

While making the intitial discent into Seattle, I took advantage of my window seat and all of sudden spotted a mountain, peeking out from above the clouds. What an experience! I realized it was Mount Ranier, a “stratovolcano” about 50 miles outside of Seattle.

The twenty minute ride to our hotel introduced us to the evergreen trees lining the highway, while catching a glimpse of Puget Sound and the Seattle skyline.  We return here in a week to tour a little more, but my first impression of this city is that the downtown area is very similar to Williamsburg and Bushwick Brooklyn in the early 2000’s.  Coffee shops and hipster bars galore.  Dog parks and the sadness of the homeless, crossed with the booming real estate development of this waterfront area.

Here I am, literally sleepless in Seattle, thanks to the 3-hour time difference and too many fluffy pillows.  I place high expectations on my travels, but this time, I think my Alaskan adventure might exceed them.  Stay tuned….


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